Benefits of Sleep: Rebel Against Fatigue with Our Kickstart Cleanse Juices

by Emily Wood, 04/04/2024

Hey there, Night Owls and Early Birds alike! It’s time to talk about something we all crave but often fail to get – the benefits of sleep.  Spring’s sprung and … Read More

Hey there, Night Owls and Early Birds alike! It’s time to talk about something we all crave but often fail to get – the benefits of sleep.  Spring’s sprung and snatched an hour from our grip, but who says we can’t snatch it back? 

Our latest blog is a game-changer for anyone who’s ever struggled to catch some Z’s. Plus, we’re tossing in some of the benefits of sleep and some straight-up tips on how to wrestle the alarm clock and win. Every. Single. Morning. 

Buckle up and sip on your Rebel Kitchen Cleanse because we’re going to beat those restless nights, rebel style.  

The Science of Sleep and The Benefits of Sleep

As Rebels, we always keep it real. But it’s easy to forget that sleep isn’t just a timeout from your daily grind, it’s one of the heroes in our health. It’s the time when your body goes into repairing muscles, synthesising proteins and growing tissue.  

But the benefits of sleep don’t stop at restoration. It’s a formidable stress buster too and our natural defense against the onslaught of daily pressures. By regulating cortisol levels and promoting relaxation, sleep helps us maintain our mental fortitude.  

Sleep acts as the ultimate ally to memory as well. During those precious hours of shut eye, our brains process and solidify the day’s experiences into long-term memories. It makes the difference between a fleeting thought and a lasting impression. 

In short, sleep is the ultimate nighttime cleanse. It flushes out the mental clutter and physical toxins that bog you down and when you pair it with our cleanses in the daytime, you’re turbocharging the process. 

The Art of Waking Up Early 

Let’s bring an end to groggy mornings. We’re about to show you the art of rising with the sun and seizing the day. Carpe diem.

1.Don’t try to jump from night owl to early bird overnight. Ease into it. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day and adjust your body gradually to your new routine.

2. It’s not just about how long you sleep, but how well you sleep. Aim for that sweet spot of 7-9 hours of quality Zs.

3. Stick to a sleep schedule.. Your body’s internal clock will thank you and you’ll start waking up naturally – no blaring alarm required.

4. Keep your caffeine fix to the morning hours. Drinking coffee or energy drinks later in the day means your brain is still stimulated when you are trying to wind down. Cut the caffeine and cut that late night overthinking. Sunlight is nature’s energy boost. Let it flood your room in the morning. It’s like a natural wake-up call.

5. Get your gear ready the night before. Prep your breakfast, pack your bag and plan your day. Come morning, you’ll be all set to rock ‘n’ roll out of bed.

6. If you need a midday nap, keep it short and sweet. A quick 20-minute nap will reboot your system without messing with your night time sleep cycle.

Stick with these tips and you’ll be owning your mornings in no time.  

What juices/ingredients do we recommend?  

Let’s get into the benefits of sleep and how Rebel Kitchen Cleanse can be your ally in the quest for those precious Zs. 

Sleep is the ultimate tune-up for your brain and body, but it needs the right fuel too.  

Certain foods are like a lullaby for your system. Take ginger – it’s not just for sushi; it helps reduce stress and promote relaxation. Then there’s turmeric and cinnamon, known for their ability to help chill you out. Our Restore and Refresh Rebel Kitchen Cleanse is packed with protein-rich nuts and restorative root veggies to keep you satisfied and serene as you drift off 

Our cleanse programmes aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill juices. They have a clear mission: to give your body the good stuff without any of the nonsense. That means cold-pressed, organic and blast-frozen to lock in all the natural nutrients. 

Remember, a good night’s sleep is the rebel’s way to recharge. So, grab a bottle, take a sip and let Rebel Kitchen’s juices do the rest. Sweet dreams, sleep warriors!